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Full-Service-Leasing of wagons & ICT solutions

ASOLA, a brand of LJMSwiss GmbH, is a brand new leasing company starting to lease very specific intermodal wagons. We believe intermodality has a bright future and ASOLA will deliver  Full-Service-Rolling-stock solutions on a European scale. All offered wagons will be equipped with disk brakes, sensors  and are off course in full compliance with the TSI Noise regulation.  By choosing very carefully the wagon type and organizing the maintenance in a smarter way we do believe that the overall wagon costs will go down significant.

ASOLA, together with partners, has access to private equity that allows us to invest in a significant amount of wagons.

ASOLA offers as well solutions for train event records.


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Only two (Intermodal) wagon types are displayed. More wagon types are possible and will be added in the future.  Please contact us if you have a promising project requiring a certain amount of wagons for a certain period of time.  ASOLA will act as asset manager offering a Full-Service-Leasing.

SGNNS(S) 80'




An extremely versatile wagon with a perfect Tare / Payload balance. This wagon is best choice to transport maritime containers, but, surprisingly as well for continental traffic. You can combine a heavy 45' and 30'.

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Pic Tatravagonka 





An extremely versatile wagon with a perfect Tare / Payload balance. This wagon is best choice to transport combinations of heavy 20', 25' or 30' containers. It can be used as well to load one 45', and a 45' Tankcontainer. The biggest gain is to load a 52' Tankcontainer.

Pic Tatravagonka 



All wagons will be equipped with sensors to collect data. This data will be used to simplify wagon scheduling, accelerate wagon circulation, improve maintenance planning, pinpoint the cause of potential damage. It will grant as well for ASOLA, being ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance), to store all historical data in a very accurate manner. All wagons will be maintained according VPI technical rules. 

Record of milage


Shock monitoring

Brake condition monitoring

Wheelset diagnosis



Easy. Fast. Secure.

SaaS application

Automated conversion recorded data.

Automatic data transfer via email.

Continuous automated reading.

Analytical tools to investigate wagon history

Graphics and interactive map


ASOLA, a brand of LJMSwiss GmbH

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